Top Dead Center


All my life I’ve been healthy, and normal too, both in a top-dead-center sort of way. Now those who know me will say, “What? You were never healthy! You had Polio and you’ve had problems your whole life because of it.” I meant mentally, not physically. And before you start, let it be clear that as oddly as I do present sometimes, particularly west of the Mississippi, and apart from some idiosyncracies and being half-deaf, I am not mentally-ill. I’m “normal.” Those of you who think I’m crazy should consult your DSM or whatever it is currently called. I’m normal and healthy upstairs. Physically is another story, for another day.

So imagine there is a weight that holds me there, like an anchor. It is in no way a choice. Most of the time I hardly notice it. But more or less predictably, events provide me with a mirror, and I do notice…how average I am.

The first time I noticed this I was actually chagrined. All my struggles, my survival, my education, my values, my enjoyments, my transgressions…normal, check; healthy, check. But not boring. No, never that. Well, maybe that one time….

If there’s a bell chart, I’m either dead center or way over on the very Left edge. Mostly with respect to politics.

I once had a counselor tell me that I’m not crazy, I’ve never been crazy and I never will be crazy. He said you have to be crazy to fit in my family. I have never fit. I do not fit now, and I doubt I ever will. I’m not convinced they are all crazy but I am clear I don’t fit. Leave it at that. I love them regardless.

So, I take my responses, reactions and decisions as healthy and normal. For a human female in the early 21st century. It’s not much, but it’s what I’ve got.

Retired state worker. Good credit rating. No history of arrests or other legal trouble. Degree in the History of Religion. What a sad tale!

I say most of us are still asleep, but many are awakening. I am one of them.

We get so caught up in our left-brain busyness. Theu right brain, where all the insights and new ideas are, has long since been drugged into indifference by TV, shopping and sports. Living in an expensive theme park, we do not really connect with the suffering of others. We have been reduced to check writers, donors rather than doers. Sitting in the stands or on the sidelines, never really connecting.

We are the prisoners of a deception, a system of distraction designed to use us and abuse us, designed to appear like an advantage or a privilege. Deception.

When we wake up from this collective coma, we see and feel love for all existence.

At some point, the left-brain-dominant people became tool-makers and the rumpus was on. The LBDs did a great job on housing, food provision, and warmth, and they eventually expanded into health and defense. Pretty soon the right-brain-dominant people were dishonored, and soon discounted. How many rich artists want to weigh in on how this culture values their work. Then go talk to the starving artists. They’re easier to find.

So the LBDs ran the show. Eventually the lack of basic integrity led to problems, militarism for example, and capitalism. Banking, insurance, the list is long. We have taken LBD dominance as far as we can, all the way to the brink of our own extinction. Oh yes, humanity is an endangered species. We are losing our habitat. We are the ones destroying it. We are asleep.

It is time to wake up. The left brain must reflect. It needs to find balance with the right brain.

Music, art, literature, drama, protests…all provide clues to areas of imbalance.

Our culture is cruel. The right brain is gentle. The left brain is practical. How is it we have become war-mongers?

We are out of balance. We must wake up and take stock of our situation. Bring the RBDs to the table. Become one with each other.

Or keep sleeping our way over that cliff right there, but of course we don’t see it because there’s a special event at nordstrom or our favorite band is playing, or we are getting new carpet or a pedicure. If only we could see ourselves. Then this insanity might end.

Identity Crisis

I’m not really an activist, but activism is part of my path. My game isn’t about winning against anyone. My game is bigger than that. It’s aim is for everyone to win.

I’m ordained as a minister, but what I am is a healer. A wounded healer at that.

I stand apart. I’ve been on the other side. I look at people and their actions, opinions, dramas and the world at large, and see it from the outside. Sociologists strive for objective observation skills. So do writers, scientists and all fall short because they are on the inside pretending to be on the outside looking in. Their pretense limits their success.

For me it has been an awakening to shed the illusion of separateness. Solidity and emptiness left right behind separateness. Death is no illusion for the physical dimension, but the spirit is as old as the universe itself.

When you wake up, you begin to see his badly we have managed thus far, despite dramatic success in fightig disease and lengthening life and in eliminating hunger, providing a level of comfort undreamed of by the kings of previous generations.

But alas, only for the lucky few. We live long enough now to outperform our ancestors.  We have more time. We have more ease. We have a responsibility to be more wise.

Letter to the Editor of the Spokesman-Review

Today’s paper contained quoted statements made by our Sheriff to the effect that “they better pay, or they can’t stay.” Now, it had never crossed my mind, but when I heard that, and noted the prices our jail intends to charge are way higher than the norm, it sounded like our Sheriff is operating the County Jail as a for-profit jail. Just like a private jail. Turns out we have a rip-roaring rental business, what with all the surrounding cities, and the City of Spokane all paying these jacked-up rates, like it’s the only jail in town.

Well, maybe so. But I don’t support operating the county jail as a profit-making business. The jail is part of this community.  And that includes all the small cities surrounding Spokane, and Spokane itself. The jail should be administered in a way that supports the greatest benefit for all members of this community, without consideration of profit for the county coffers.
The jail is there to provide safe and productive housing for incarcerated individuals, not to make a profit. I strongly object to this kind of language.
Roseanne Lasater
1717 S. Evergreen Rd.
Spokane Valley, WA 99037

Connecting with the All: Part 2

So now we take the next step in deepening our connection with the All, and explore how deepening this oneness infuses our every experience and action with new vitality. I would say power, but we need to approach carefully and not be seeking power. Power is assumed effortlessly at the right time. It is the wrong thing to seek.

So, with attention and clarity within ourselves. Notice what seduces you. That is an area that could use your attentive focus.

Each new layer is rich with creative opportunities. In Part 1, we talked about our connection with other living things. This is the easiest connection to make. Next let’s talk about connecting with inanimate objects. They’re not really inanimate. Their energy is moving really slow. I believe all of creation is alive, and what we call living things is just one expression of creation. I’m not telling you to get a pet rock. But if that connection is alive for you, by all means love those rocks!

Rocks are powerful energetic anchors. Their energy is magnetic. All of them, not just the magnets. They can be harmed. They will absorb energy you are channeling out. Metal is really thirsty for energy. Grounding our excess or negatively charged energy is healthy and the rocks will thank you.

That does NOT apply to crystals. They are like glasses of water. They need to be cleared and handled with care. If your crystals are brittle and pieces break off, wash them in lukewarm water and give them sun or moonlight. You have to treat crystals as if they are alive. Which of course they are.

In the connection with all of existence, none of us would be capable of harming another living thing.

At this deeper level of connection, you will begin to notice how your actions effect every other living thing, and the whole of creation.

Connecting with the All: Part 1

Namaste. This means the All in me greets the All in you. Its very useful to remind ourselves we are all connected, none superior and none inferior in the All of which we are a part. Lets talk about connecting with the zAll.

When you connect your consciousness with the consciousness of the All, the feeling of recognition and affinity is palpable, and the access to an unlimited source of inspiration and power is seductive. One could desire to retreat from the default world altogether, and simply enjoy the harmony and peace to the exclusion, as much as possible, of the default world. But the “permanent vacation” is what follows life. It doesn’t do as a replacement.

There is much here in the chaos of life that demands our attention. Indeed, requires our compassion. Mandates we engage with all of our exceptional capacities in not only resolving the causes as we are able, but also in reducing the attendant suffering and/or supporting healing of spirit and body of all living beings that suffer, for whatever reason.

All life is sentient. That is the least of it. This much should be obvious. Yet many many people fail to experience this. How can this be? They have the physical and mental equipment necessary. Yet they dump unwanted kittens into a potato sack and drop them in a lake, and walk away as if nothing much happened, and aren’t they good for getting rid of those unwanted kittens?

Indifference kills. I do not doubt indifference is a greater contributor to violence and unmitigated suffering than all the anger that ever was all together. Indifference, like boredom, is not a natural or healthy state.

For the rest of this day, a good practice would be to notice your own responses. What does your indifference show you? Use that.

Life requires my attention. To be continued.

Mother’s Day Thoughts



My daughter’s birth and first year of life was the greatest experience of my entire life. At 62, I’m going out on a limb to say it will be a stunning upset if something greater than being Erin’s Mom comes along in the future. In any case, my bucket list has no such potential.

I was 31 when my daughter was born. My father came with a little bouquet of wildflowers. Stood at the foot of my bed. Said, “You look like shit.” Tears in his eyes making it almost endearing.” Then “Don’t do this again Rosie.
Not everybody can be a breeder.” Five months on Disability trying not to lose her, culminating in a 33 hours long fruitless struggle that ended in an emergency C-section. My baby. She would be my only one.

I was fully present to her cuteness. I adored her. Motherhood was the main event in life. Very primal. Earthy. Full, replete with the fecundity of the Earth, our other mother.

Now my daughter is a mother. Both grand daughters pubescent. My oldest grandson’s voice is changing. Life, driven by a greater need than any of mine, prevails. She takes over your body. There was a lot about it I didn’t like. My least favorite thing, which nobody tells you, was the genital engorgement. And horny!

There are lots of things nobody tells you. Like how much you will want it over with, when you can’t move, can’t eat, can’t sleep. It’s like an alien possession. Who gave this parasite veto power? I like that music, so stop your kicking.

It’s the people, the individuals who miraculously emerge and bond with you. And while its fun to notice the myriad of genetic traits and proclivities, the reality is they are their own persons.

Yes, parenting is a privilege. Happy Mother’s Day to you all.

Smoke and Mirrors?

This whole bin Laden death squad business is giving me that uncertain feeling. This whole lack of evidence is creepy.

And the Pakistanis are acting like nobody told them what was going on.

It looks like a con job.

All my bullshit detectors are up.

Pulse Check

I have never been fond of flag-waving. It reinforces the “nation-state” paradigm and keeps us stuck in outmoded thinking.

When will we see each other as fellows, as residents, co-residents of planet Earth. Will it take an alien attack to unite us in a shared purpose?

I will not celebrate victory by either side in a war between humans.