So now we take the next step in deepening our connection with the All, and explore how deepening this oneness infuses our every experience and action with new vitality. I would say power, but we need to approach carefully and not be seeking power. Power is assumed effortlessly at the right time. It is the wrong thing to seek.

So, with attention and clarity within ourselves. Notice what seduces you. That is an area that could use your attentive focus.

Each new layer is rich with creative opportunities. In Part 1, we talked about our connection with other living things. This is the easiest connection to make. Next let’s talk about connecting with inanimate objects. They’re not really inanimate. Their energy is moving really slow. I believe all of creation is alive, and what we call living things is just one expression of creation. I’m not telling you to get a pet rock. But if that connection is alive for you, by all means love those rocks!

Rocks are powerful energetic anchors. Their energy is magnetic. All of them, not just the magnets. They can be harmed. They will absorb energy you are channeling out. Metal is really thirsty for energy. Grounding our excess or negatively charged energy is healthy and the rocks will thank you.

That does NOT apply to crystals. They are like glasses of water. They need to be cleared and handled with care. If your crystals are brittle and pieces break off, wash them in lukewarm water and give them sun or moonlight. You have to treat crystals as if they are alive. Which of course they are.

In the connection with all of existence, none of us would be capable of harming another living thing.

At this deeper level of connection, you will begin to notice how your actions effect every other living thing, and the whole of creation.

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