Today’s paper contained quoted statements made by our Sheriff to the effect that “they better pay, or they can’t stay.” Now, it had never crossed my mind, but when I heard that, and noted the prices our jail intends to charge are way higher than the norm, it sounded like our Sheriff is operating the County Jail as a for-profit jail. Just like a private jail. Turns out we have a rip-roaring rental business, what with all the surrounding cities, and the City of Spokane all paying these jacked-up rates, like it’s the only jail in town.

Well, maybe so. But I don’t support operating the county jail as a profit-making business. The jail is part of this community.  And that includes all the small cities surrounding Spokane, and Spokane itself. The jail should be administered in a way that supports the greatest benefit for all members of this community, without consideration of profit for the county coffers.
The jail is there to provide safe and productive housing for incarcerated individuals, not to make a profit. I strongly object to this kind of language.
Roseanne Lasater
1717 S. Evergreen Rd.
Spokane Valley, WA 99037

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