I’m not really an activist, but activism is part of my path. My game isn’t about winning against anyone. My game is bigger than that. It’s aim is for everyone to win.

I’m ordained as a minister, but what I am is a healer. A wounded healer at that.

I stand apart. I’ve been on the other side. I look at people and their actions, opinions, dramas and the world at large, and see it from the outside. Sociologists strive for objective observation skills. So do writers, scientists and all fall short because they are on the inside pretending to be on the outside looking in. Their pretense limits their success.

For me it has been an awakening to shed the illusion of separateness. Solidity and emptiness left right behind separateness. Death is no illusion for the physical dimension, but the spirit is as old as the universe itself.

When you wake up, you begin to see his badly we have managed thus far, despite dramatic success in fightig disease and lengthening life and in eliminating hunger, providing a level of comfort undreamed of by the kings of previous generations.

But alas, only for the lucky few. We live long enough now to outperform our ancestors.  We have more time. We have more ease. We have a responsibility to be more wise.

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