All my life I’ve been healthy, and normal too, both in a top-dead-center sort of way. Now those who know me will say, “What? You were never healthy! You had Polio and you’ve had problems your whole life because of it.” I meant mentally, not physically. And before you start, let it be clear that as oddly as I do present sometimes, particularly west of the Mississippi, and apart from some idiosyncracies and being half-deaf, I am not mentally-ill. I’m “normal.” Those of you who think I’m crazy should consult your DSM or whatever it is currently called. I’m normal and healthy upstairs. Physically is another story, for another day.

So imagine there is a weight that holds me there, like an anchor. It is in no way a choice. Most of the time I hardly notice it. But more or less predictably, events provide me with a mirror, and I do notice…how average I am.

The first time I noticed this I was actually chagrined. All my struggles, my survival, my education, my values, my enjoyments, my transgressions…normal, check; healthy, check. But not boring. No, never that. Well, maybe that one time….

If there’s a bell chart, I’m either dead center or way over on the very Left edge. Mostly with respect to politics.

I once had a counselor tell me that I’m not crazy, I’ve never been crazy and I never will be crazy. He said you have to be crazy to fit in my family. I have never fit. I do not fit now, and I doubt I ever will. I’m not convinced they are all crazy but I am clear I don’t fit. Leave it at that. I love them regardless.

So, I take my responses, reactions and decisions as healthy and normal. For a human female in the early 21st century. It’s not much, but it’s what I’ve got.

Retired state worker. Good credit rating. No history of arrests or other legal trouble. Degree in the History of Religion. What a sad tale!

I say most of us are still asleep, but many are awakening. I am one of them.

We get so caught up in our left-brain busyness. Theu right brain, where all the insights and new ideas are, has long since been drugged into indifference by TV, shopping and sports. Living in an expensive theme park, we do not really connect with the suffering of others. We have been reduced to check writers, donors rather than doers. Sitting in the stands or on the sidelines, never really connecting.

We are the prisoners of a deception, a system of distraction designed to use us and abuse us, designed to appear like an advantage or a privilege. Deception.

When we wake up from this collective coma, we see and feel love for all existence.

At some point, the left-brain-dominant people became tool-makers and the rumpus was on. The LBDs did a great job on housing, food provision, and warmth, and they eventually expanded into health and defense. Pretty soon the right-brain-dominant people were dishonored, and soon discounted. How many rich artists want to weigh in on how this culture values their work. Then go talk to the starving artists. They’re easier to find.

So the LBDs ran the show. Eventually the lack of basic integrity led to problems, militarism for example, and capitalism. Banking, insurance, the list is long. We have taken LBD dominance as far as we can, all the way to the brink of our own extinction. Oh yes, humanity is an endangered species. We are losing our habitat. We are the ones destroying it. We are asleep.

It is time to wake up. The left brain must reflect. It needs to find balance with the right brain.

Music, art, literature, drama, protests…all provide clues to areas of imbalance.

Our culture is cruel. The right brain is gentle. The left brain is practical. How is it we have become war-mongers?

We are out of balance. We must wake up and take stock of our situation. Bring the RBDs to the table. Become one with each other.

Or keep sleeping our way over that cliff right there, but of course we don’t see it because there’s a special event at nordstrom or our favorite band is playing, or we are getting new carpet or a pedicure. If only we could see ourselves. Then this insanity might end.

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