Existential Angst

Say what? Say this is that I look at the world we’ve created for ourselves, that we have the arrogance to call “civilization.”

So as I was saying, we waste so many resources, including our own very expensive human resources, and engage in the most juvenile behavior. I mean, it’s babies with bazookas. Mostly it’s  the boys playing who’s in charge. They fight continually,  to the death of many soldiers on every side. Women and children run for their lives.

In America, the remnant of the middle class are shopping. This is known clinically as denial. But they’ll wake up in the end. Yes, in the end.

Meanwhile we are day dreamers. Complacent inside the bubble of our shared beliefs.

Like the belief in scarcity. This is a deception of our mental machinery. We’re wired for survival conditions. But we refuse to make distinctions between true emergencies and imagined or pretended ones.

We’ve co-opted everything. “Thinking outside the box” for instance. It’s inside the box, people. There isn’t a solution in sight.

Sometimes I can’t believe we keep believing in our culture, when we are slaves within it.

My commitment

I am committed to expand consciousness, decrease suffering and raise the  vibration of our species insofar as i am able. In other words I’m a damned do-gooder who thinks we should all take care of each other.

This purpose is clearly beyond my personal ability to cause, on the scale needed to shift our thinking and alter the source of our actions from our animal nature to our spiritual nature.

Failing this evolutionary shift, we will soon face extinction along with the rest of the animal kingdom on this planet.

Losing Our Edge


When we begin any grassroots campaign, it is a convergence of uprisings. It’s anarchistic, unorganized, leaderless. It can be exciting and fun.

Then things get complicated. We need some organization to have any degree of workability. Uh oh. We are in deep water, though we hardly notice. We’re jockeying for status and power. We aren’t sure what the name of this outfit will be, but already we are carving out our turf. Already there are internal alliances forming.

And then the dance begins. It’s that same old step, one leads and the other follows. And we re-invent the world we want to change. We need to articulate alternative models. Some of us had best sit back and think outside the existing model. Exciting work and long overdue.

The Good News?

We’re not any more culpable for the continuation of humanity’s self-destructive assault on the planet than anyone else, and also no less. Human beings may be small, but there are a lot of us. Notice as we ravage the tropical rainforests. Beavers on steroids.

But never mind that.

So, the more organized we get, the more conventional that organization is, the more radicals we will lose. And when that happens, we lose our edge. We lose that freely expressed outrage and those out of the box ideas that can fuel the transformation humanity needs to survive.

We ought to explore different ways of communicating, different structures for our organizations. Why do we operate inside the dysfunctional paradigm? Because we don’t know what else to do.

The expanding universe





Life propels itself forward provides
for the engines on the tracks of time. 
Chugging away on that forsaken  electron:
the one with the yellow star.   Feeling so alone
disconnected and
running low on fuel.
I don’t wonder why.

In the flow


I feel everything.  In the flow. What a flood. A tidal wave. The world and all her creatures feel. They lift me up and carry me. I let them. Resistance is futile. But here’s the disturbing thought : if I perceive it, I ought to be able to set it right.

Do I need to say that the worldwide emotional tsunami occurs as beyond my scope to transform? Be assured I have no illusions about it. But I do have a moral imperative.

I want to go somewhere there are no signs. That way I will have a break from reading… a bunch of redundant signs. It feels like realizing you’ve been walking in a circle. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter how far you go: in the end, you get nowhere. So in this time, I advise against travel.

Instead of going someplace in the physical world,  go someplace in the spiritual world. This time is provided for you to grow spiritually.

There is nowhere to go. When there is nowhere to go, the wise stay where they are.