I feel everything.  In the flow. What a flood. A tidal wave. The world and all her creatures feel. They lift me up and carry me. I let them. Resistance is futile. But here’s the disturbing thought : if I perceive it, I ought to be able to set it right.

Do I need to say that the worldwide emotional tsunami occurs as beyond my scope to transform? Be assured I have no illusions about it. But I do have a moral imperative.

I want to go somewhere there are no signs. That way I will have a break from reading… a bunch of redundant signs. It feels like realizing you’ve been walking in a circle. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter how far you go: in the end, you get nowhere. So in this time, I advise against travel.

Instead of going someplace in the physical world,  go someplace in the spiritual world. This time is provided for you to grow spiritually.

There is nowhere to go. When there is nowhere to go, the wise stay where they are.

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