Say what? Say this is that I look at the world we’ve created for ourselves, that we have the arrogance to call “civilization.”

So as I was saying, we waste so many resources, including our own very expensive human resources, and engage in the most juvenile behavior. I mean, it’s babies with bazookas. Mostly it’s  the boys playing who’s in charge. They fight continually,  to the death of many soldiers on every side. Women and children run for their lives.

In America, the remnant of the middle class are shopping. This is known clinically as denial. But they’ll wake up in the end. Yes, in the end.

Meanwhile we are day dreamers. Complacent inside the bubble of our shared beliefs.

Like the belief in scarcity. This is a deception of our mental machinery. We’re wired for survival conditions. But we refuse to make distinctions between true emergencies and imagined or pretended ones.

We’ve co-opted everything. “Thinking outside the box” for instance. It’s inside the box, people. There isn’t a solution in sight.

Sometimes I can’t believe we keep believing in our culture, when we are slaves within it.

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