Spokanites do not believe me when I say that interrupting is not considered rude in New York.  Certain interrupting is rude and other interrupting falls into the category of “histrionics,” which is not only not rude, it’s entertaining, and displays passion for whatever is being discussed.

It’s expected really. It’s what I’m used to and comfortable with. I wonder how many other transplanted New Yorkers like myself really do miss those unruly but passionate exchanges that are common where we are from.

So, here I am denied an entertaining discussion in favor of an orderly one, required to behave in a manner that is not natural for me, having been outvoted on the acceptability of emotionally charged outbursts.  Done.

New York has never had the corner on gentility. Quite the opposite. I humbly yield with the caveat that I be granted a period of time to learn and practice the local customs. Writing it down rather than jumping in does not occur to me, and if I adopt this practice, it will cause me to miss what is being said, temporarily.

But I accept that when in the Northwest you do as the Northwesterners do. If you want to hang with them. 

Okay, I’m in.  Support and encouragement rather than gotcha’s and judgment would sweeten the experience. Barring positive support, a measure of restraint perhaps? Try not to get red in the face, or roll your eyes, or…well you know what you do.  Really you guys have got to stop being so right. It’s very poor form. 

So while I’m willing to modify my behavior, I am not willing to get beat up about it.  Is that fair enough to create the possibility of conversation between us?

For your part, perhaps you could say, “Let me finish?” instead of being offended?

Just putting it out there.

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