4:30 p.m. I shouldn’t have gone for the ride. Sixty miles round trip. Now my back really feels weak and sore. I have to feed the boys. We have no money for pizza or anything like that. I guess I’ll just rest a while. Tré is working on his project. I can’t go downstairs and help find paint and stuff to eat right now. It’s okay though. I have a little time. And Richard is on duty helping Tré with his project. Feels good to rest. Though from what exertion I am not sure.

Maybe just the additional pounds. I gained back about 20 lbs. in about 20 minutes. 170-190 like overnight. In sure it took weeks, but to my distracted mind, it seemed virtually instantaneous.

I pray for us all whenever I am able. I am able several times a day. Sometimes I pray all day. I wish I believed in myself more. Then I would reach further and accomplish more. Change the world just a little bit. I’d like to let some hot air out of the angry balloon. Yes that’s right, THAT angry balloon. The one people love to run up to and blow into with all their might.

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