“Peace does not mean an absence of conflicts; differences will always be there. Peace means solving these differences through peaceful means; through dialogue, education, knowledge; and through humane ways.” The Daily Dalai.

People are genuinely confused about this. To be a peaceful person, they think means to be always at peace. These same people think that meditation will give them a quiet mind. Talk about “beginner’s mind.”

I think we have a group delusion about what the goal really is. The goal is much like other kinds of goals: to develop the mental and moral muscles to manage for peace, to separate from our minds, to abide in love every bit as much as possible.

You will never be permanently at peace within yourself, but you must develop some chops to manage your less peaceful responses to life.

Your mind will not shut up. It will run on incessantly forever, a perpetual motion machine designed to protect you from threats to your survival.

None of which is a problem. We are here to learn these things, to make these muscles. Keep practicing because the rewards, while not what you expect, are substantial: greater awareness of your real self, sufficient reward in and of itself, but also a healthy reserve with respect to the activities and productions of mind, emotional self-management skills, and of course lower blood pressure and many other health benefits.

Peaceful is not a state of rest. To “be peaceful” is active and practical. First you must get to know yourself, without judgment or reserve. No blame.

To become self-aware is almost simultaneous with becoming compassionate. Once you accept how you yourself are, accepting others is nothing. Forgive yourself and you will forgive others. What’s important is to pick your head up above the noisy river of talk and images that bombards us at eye level. Get a breath of fresh air.

3 thoughts on “Peace Now

  1. The capacity to disrupt the peace within Creation belongs solely to the Human Being. Peace is not possible where one aspect of Humanity rules over another. Peace is not possible where Humanity attempts to rule over Nature. Peace is both achievable and points to the purpose and responsibility of the Human Species. Peace can only be rendered impossible when we succumb to the egoistic domination so prevalent in the global society today.


  2. It is process of choosing influences. We are influenced and we influence in every moment. We can choose to be influenced by fear, hate, etc….and influence accordingly. Or, we can choose influences that transcend such conditions. The opportunities to choose the forms of influence occur continuously. The difficulty is our inability to recognize the choices, in each moment, and respond accordingly.


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