I always forget what wellness feels like, whenever I am distracted by some intense affliction. Like going through detox from pain meds. Now that energy is generating from within my body, my spirit is lifted. I would like to eliminate that cause-effect relationship.

I mean there has been quite a bit of affliction one way and another, and I am sure it is that way for many of us living on this planet today.

I’m a long way I guess from enlightened detachment. People say “be with the pain” etc. as if acceptance will do it. The best I’ve done with acceptance is being able to get through it. I would never go there voluntarily.

No. I really have looked around, and the thing that has always worked best for me has been self-talk.

Rich and I were talking about it this morning. How the body justs obeys whatever you say, likely whatever you think too! So if I say woe is me my body gets sad, chemically, actually and immediately.

When I am exhausted if I have further to go, I say or think, but saying out loud is more powerful, “I am strong.” My body instantly jumps up. Just like my dog. When I talk to him he jumps up. Okay.

So I think I will work on this method for a while. Maybe go further into Louie Hay’s work on affirmations and visualizations.

If we don’t have to argue with our bodies, just discipline them, okay train the body and be loving with it, emotionally gentle. Remember you don’t want your body in fight or flight. Ugh!

Well be all that as it may, I did forget what wellness feels like. Perhaps it has been too long.

Namaste from wellness land.

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