Life-Savers continued …

The Gastro-Enterologist who sent me for that first counseling also saved my life. I don’t recall his name either. He said he would treat me and end my physical agony only on condition that I go to counseling. Why? Because for someone your age to have this diagnosis tells me you have issues. You resolve those and you will stay well. True words. Thanks Doc.

Whereupon I returned to college with renewed energy and graduated Summa Cum Laude, because I had found my own voice. I was 26.

It would be a while before I would have my life saved again. Happy years as a young mother. Happy early years of my first marriage, way back in rural eastern Oregon. In love with my baby, growing food, canning food, baking bread and writing for the newspaper in town: The Angling Report for example. How cute is that? “Big city girl makes good out west.” Finding my haphazard way to the beginning of my career in Corrections.

The next person I think of who saved my life was Richard, my second and current husband. Safest man on the planet. Not that he isn’t horny. He’s horny. Safe and natural, horny and happy Richard has never had sex more important than my feelings and my happiness. With Richard I took on my healing in earnest. Why? Because I was safe. Thanks Richard. I love you.

to be continued …

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