I call your attention to the transitory nature of Earthly experience.

Your physical body being a manifestation of this world, will be rolled, and rudely tossed and yes, battered about. You may be more or less fortunate in this regard. It’s best to be grateful in all events.

Here’s my theory: We came here to break our egos, like we break horses, so that having deposed it from its present high station, we may go forward spiritually.

Okay it’s just a theory, but as far as I can tell it fits the facts, so for me it stays in contention until disproved.

I imagine beyond the present challenge of subduing our unruly egos, there is a vast realm of creativity. A realm of unlimited possibility wherein we may develop our creative powers. What better setting than the present wherein to become responsible creators? Right in time to save the planet … What a Polyanna!

Meanwhile it appears most people are totally unaware of anything beyond their petty ego-centricities and half-baked fears. It seems to me they experience life along a narrow band. Like the blinders on a horse, their narrow range of vision controls their perception. I hope I’m wrong.

I want to wake up one day and find the energy different than I find it today. Yet there is so much beauty and joy already, perhaps we are closer than I have let myself think.

Life has taught me not to expect smooth sailing, and when a smooth patch comes along I try to enjoy it deeply, knowing it will be brief. I expect bumps in the road, and I’m getting better at not viewing them as misfortune.

If I choose to look I eventually find the lessons. As my husband says, in his slow Texas way, “Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while.”

I’ve paid the price for procrastination, denial and avoidance.

There are no passes, or exemptions. My lessons are mine and they’re not the same as anyone else’s. Unfortunately, the program did not turn off when I turned on.

In the end every body, like every being and every “thing” else will be broken by violence or by age, and it will die. That is the law of this physical world: all things, every manifestation however solidly contrived is coming from source and returning to source, coming into manifestation and going out again. This cannot be denied. Your senses tell you, the mind confirms it. This is the Law.

It’s exhausting to contemplate. But remarkable to experience.

Buddhists prepare for death. I find this admirable but wonder at how long and hard they seem to feel they need to work on it.

The Yaquis practice conscious awareness of their own coming death as a way to bring attention to appreciation of life in this present moment.

I like both approaches and practice both in my sloppy half-assed way. No paragon of virtue, I don’t flagellate myself to develop piety and humility. I do, however, confess my sins, first of all to myself. Once I have admitted to myself my behavior or thinking is flawed, I can admit it to other people.

This is my beginner’s effort at subduing my ego. It seems to show up everywhere. It’s telling me I’m fat and ugly as I walk past a mirror. Then it pats me on the back for winning a game.

All of my upsets are generated by my ego. It demands to have its needs met. Lately i’m trying to say no. I no longer want to be its slave.

I remember an old radio drama that used to be popular before there was TV. It was called The Shadow. It’s slogan was. “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?”


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