I think so. An alert that the time has come to start letting go. I mean, maybe this body is getting worn out. But the spirit that resides within hasn’t aged a day since 1963.

The wise have said it’s best to prepare. Such is Life, yes, a preparation of sorts. Not only for Death, which is accomplished regardless of whether we bother to prepare spiritually. No, Death is an event. A passage, not a destination. Over in a flash: breath .., no breath.

I think what I’m preparing for is whatever follows Death. Whatever that may be, it occurs in a realm of Spirit, not flesh. So the preparation ought to be Spiritual I guess.

Enter Spiritual Practice.

The Buddhists start with consciousness of personal mortality. The principle is “dependent origination.” Nothing exists in and of itself. Everything comes from something or some state and is moving toward dissolution and reorganization, or simply put “recycling.” This is the first step toward waking up in Buddhism. I personally find a rational relationship with reality agreeable.

This new view of life prepared me to begin letting go. Arthritis is doing its part as well, showing up with solid proof of degeneration in the skeletal system. I also have high blood pressure. Wearing out.

It’s weird being so young in such an aging body.

9 thoughts on “Arthritis A Wake-Up Call?

  1. I suffered from osteoarthritis at a very young age of 17. I couldn’t believe it, but my body agreed to it. The level of pain had gradually increased. I visited my PT every Saturday and attended my swimming class every Sunday. Other than that, I tried to complete my weekly running goal, but my joint remained swollen and painful. My aunt told me to switch to stem cell therapy, just like what she did for her patellar tendonitis. I was scheduled by Dr Purita (my aunt’s orthopedic surgeon) for 5 weeks treatment and it went fine. I had slight fever after I had the last session and was able to get the beneficial effect of stem cell 3 months after that.


  2. arthritis here too, almost 14 years worth and counting. also chronic year-round allergies, sinus and now asthma & breathing problems. feels like I can’t breathe this time of year. getting older and maybe– wiser? I remember something Richard said last time I saw him (how many years ago?); “people need to realize that pain is a part of life”. he’s right and that saying has stuck with me all these years. kinda helps to take the edge off.


    1. Ditto on the allergies! But I found real help. My herbal doctor says when you have allergies all over the place, you probably aren’t allergic. Rather your immune system is over sensitive. I take Dr. Christopher’s Immucalm. It has totally minimized the problem. Almost eliminated it. I take nothing else for allergies.


      1. It’s herbal. Doc won’t know it. Doesn’t interact with anything else. Just Astragalus (vetch) and Marshmallow (a flowering perennial from Asia) roots. It’s food. Order at Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop online.


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