People are concerned that George Zimmerman is going to suffer the consequences of his actions for the rest of his life? Seriously? Trayvon Martin is what? Off the hook? Such nonsense!

People are responsible, when they get their sense of worth or indulge their basest fears, or when they feed their appetite for power at the expense of others, for all the damage done, including the damage to themselves.

That being said, neither are we off the hook however. No doubt the rest of us will have to stretch a bit to find empathy.

Just think of the stupidest thing you ever did, and multiply by 100.

Can you see the crazy lane leading out to Zimmerman’s Reach? Can you imagine there is a lane, a path, a progress to where Zimmerman was when he stalked and harassed and picked a fight with a young kid who was kicking his ass, and whom he murdered at point blank range because he could, not because he had to.

First thing that comes to my mind is Zimmerman had the beating coming. It was he who picked the fight, and it’s clear to all young Trayvon did not over react.

Sigh. Zimmerman there isn’t a sympathetic thing about you. you’re just a sad example of American racism gone out of control.

And Trayvon is gone while Zimmerman is still here. And he suffers.


It’s work, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Comment: George Zimmerman

  1. Individual actions are a reflection of the whole. Consequences occur in the context of cause and effect interactions that affect all of Humanity. Judging, criticizing, and condemning are variations of the same chaos as taking a life. All opposing actions create fragmentation within the flow of energy that binds Human Beings to each other and all of Creation. The purpose of spirituality is to influence us to reach into the depths of our essence and work to repair the fragmentation. Contributing to the fragmentation is not an act of spiritual effort. It is submission to egoistic dominance.


      1. Stretching is an inner process. It provides us with the pause to reflect on how we choose to openly influence outside of ourselves….before we do so. Take it from a guy who spent eight yeas in the Marine Corps and 14 as a cop. I’ve been there far more than any one person should be.


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