I hear a Chickadee whistling from somewhere in the Sycamore tree.

just two notes: Db and Bb. Just ever so slightly off-key.

Memory takes me back to childish fooling around on the piano, playing only black keys.

The Chickadees visit our backyard sanctuary every Summer.

I recall thinking we would never live long enough to see our coffee cup tree sprouts grow to mature full height above us. I didn’t think I would get to see this yard chittering and chattering around me. But here it is.

Unfortunately I feel old right now. My low back is in a major breakdown and it has started to really incapacitate me.

I just want to stay right here in my anti-gravity chair on the deck Rickard built for us. Surrounded by the trees we brought home in coffee cups.

We picked the new sprouts who were growing in the roadway or in the middle of a foot or animal trail.

Now the Cypress are taller than the house and the Tamaracks and Aspens reach a good 40′ up. We’re on a little flat hilltop, so our trees tower above the rest.

But enough gloating. How to reconcile the breakdown of my back with the joy that buoys me up? I am definitely upset. I can feel it in my body.

Mentally I am struggling with knowing when I really do need to head to the ER.

There is a bit of partial numbness on top of my left foot and toes. The nurse at my doctor’s office advised me to head to the ER to be evaluated.

Back up the truck! Maybe tomorrow.

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