Sometimes I don’t know the words. I see my grandsons on Face Time, sleepy beautiful faces in my phone. Wanting to put in their Christmas request: they would like a computer in their room. It has to be fast for interactive gaming.

I welcome this direction. I will be their dancer on a mirror, singing and spinning, a 21st Century Ecstatic Grandmother. Wanting only to be used, to be a part of it.

“Yes,” I agree. “I’ll start searching.”

Among many other things, like golf clubs and kayaks, I get them those “extras” that can be difficult for parents to afford.

It makes me swoon when those two fresh young faces appear on my screen. Live, no less. (I do love technology.)

But the biggest part of me is my heart, swelling. Such blessings as these are mine. Gratitude washes from me in waves that fill the room with light.

This is today. A day full of love.

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