At the Providence facilities, mainly Sacred Heart Hospital you are treated like a child of God. From my perspective as a suffering patient, the staff at Sacred Heart are all and every one Angels.

The quality of care delivered, seems to circle steadfastly around a nucleus comprised of identity and values.

The identity or being-ness at Sacred Heart is altruistic, genuinely generous. The over-riding value is Love. Sacred Heart is a religious mission, a mission primarily of Charity. They lead with their hearts, like I imagine Mother Teresa would have done.

Heart first, like Pope Francis. That’s why everybody calls it “The Heart.”


2 thoughts on “Going into the hospital in Spokane: A must-read for all patients in the Spokane Medical Marketplace.

  1. Be careful to attribute this to their religious affiliation….I work in a secular hospital and we here care for our patients as we would wish to be cared for. And make no mistake, the tax free not for profit hospital is still very much all about making money.


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