First and by far of first importance and the immediate issue, is declaring all contracts for this lifetime complete and satisfied in full. Done.

My guides told me I could leave any time because I have done what I came into this life to do.

When you read my blog, you are getting the truth as I know it. So if you think only crazy people have guides, and that we only live once then you can stop reading right now cause in your book, I’m crazy.

I’ve just been through an ordeal. I’m tired and a little cranky. True. True.

But I must digress. (This whole thing is a digression.)

One of the few really good breaks we get here on Earth is the magnetism. The gravity is heavy. My friends call the surface of Earth “The Density.” For us it’s oppressive. Our comfort zone is spirit, and we are blessedly drawn to each other so we don’t have to stumble around down here all alone.

So, if you’re still reading, this business about contracts has long perplexed me. I have it from many sources, but no personal direct experience as yet. So I don’t know but I suspect we enter into contracts for each life.

So what I sense most strongly is that I intended to learn compassion in this lifetime. I am addressing a deficiency revealed in a previous life. That deficiency was a lack of compassion. I was a selfish shit. I actually remember that much of that life.

Well all of you all on the other side, I am declaring here and now that you can stop sending me the pain and suffering lessons. Book closed. Lessons learned. This life has seen me become a healer. It’s not my most notable life, but it’s brought me to this point.

Nowadays I ponder what it means to be a Bodhisattva. I am still too selfish I think. If I didn’t have to be here? I can’t imagine volunteering.

Still even now I stay out of love for my family, compassion for them. My remaining attachments in life are relationships.

What I do know is that I love all sentient creatures. This is a generalization based on the experience of being able to love every person I have made eye contact with. That I learned in a Landmark seminar known as the Advanced Course. But let’s leave considerations of the next life aside for now.

I stand at an intersection. Many ways to go. And I can choose. I really don’t want to leave. But this path I’m on is hard. Sure I chose it. And walked it. And it has changed me.

Because I have changed, I have earned the freedom to change my life path and I am doing it right now. I claim authorship of my life. My body is healthy and in working order.

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