Coming out of a long fog wherein at times my will to live faltered, I staggered around lost for several days. Taking my bearings, I have begun to fill in my new landscape. Like a kid with a new box of crayons and a brand new book of grown-up-gorgeous drawings to color, I don’t know where or how to start.

But wait, I do know. It’s not a lack of know-how that holds me back . Too bad! That would be the easiest to fix. Not a lack of wanting either.

No, it’s simply a lack of energy. I’m pooped.

Yes well … with good reason. No blame. Except the voice in my own head. She wants me up and at it. No excuses. Lazy is a four letter word at our house.

Oh shut up!

So I was thinking about what direction to take in this next phase of my life. I told the Universe I needed a new project, and Voila! Michael calls and asks me to work on a draft script he has written.

Then I open some messages and find a new Reiki student. TheUniverse never keeps me waiting long for what I want or need.

My parents worked hard. So I did too. I didn’t start to rethink my parents’s values in a deep way until my career and health both started winding down, and failing.

Less money and more medical expenses: the American Dream too has aged I suppose, as it devours its own tail, never sure it is filled or for how long.

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