So maybe I says, it’s not designed just to punish us, but to purify us by burning our own egos away in the fires of life and death.

Wow, you said that!

You know it, Bucko. And do you know what he says then?

What? What did he say then?

Why then he says it’s not that neither. He says it’s all just a big exploration. And we’re all just explorers, you know?

You mean like spillunkers?

Yeah like that there you said. But it’s in a bigger way.

Oh you mean like astronauts!

No, no. It ain’t nothin like that. Nothin’ at all like fucking astronauts, and I don’t know why I talk to the likes of you. You don’t understand nothin’!

Well what’s it like then? What are we supposed to be exploring, anyway? What are we lookin’ for? Huh? You tell me that!

We ain’t lookin’ for nothin’. Not exactly. More like tryin’ it out to see if we can make it work for us?

Oh I get it: you mean like we’re the alien invaders and we’ve taken over the bodies of these primitive terrestrial savages and, and…

You’re worse than he was.

Just explorin’ those possibilities.

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