A tautology.

What animates the world and the life within it? I’ve always heard reference made to something called the Life Force, the energy that accompanies all manifestations of life and is credited as the cause or source of everything in the manifest world, without which the atoms would quickly devolve into disorganization and ultimately … what? Disappearance. Poof! All gone.

Does this line of thinking scare you?

The world seems solid to us, in our bodies designed to perceive it that way. We occupy a narrow band of reality, and because we are designed to perceive nothing else, we have a genuine adventure in this realm, utterly deceived regarding the true nature of reality inside of our physical bodies.

But to return to my original thought, I have read that this animating force is both source and substance of our world. As an energy worker I am familiar with the human energy field. It seems to be the energy is all sourced from a unity.

When I work with energy for healing purposes, I notice the pure core of this energy is Love. With a capital “L.” I intuit this energy is, if not identical then at least related to the animating “life force.”

What if God (creator, universal intelligence, etc.) is, as the song suggests, Love? The Life Force? The animator of everything?

What then might be the animating force of lovelessness, or depravity, or violence? So what’s the deal? Does Creator have, like us a dark side?

I have encountered the theory that all evil is manifesting an absence of Love. If God is Love we have determined that some part of creation is essentially Godless. Does this trouble you? It does me.

Or perhaps as I was taught in childhood God created evil (Satan) to test us. Or …?

Perhaps God allows that Godlessness which we humans create inside of our perceived separation from God, our sense of being flawed and our feelings of abandonment.

Well that sounds consistent with my experience.

So what do we have here? God’s little research facility off in a remote corner of empty space.

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