Last night I prayed to Archangel Gabriel. This is noteworthy for a couple of reasons. For one thing, I have never believed in the existence of angels arch or otherwise. For another, I don’t pray, finding no one to pray to.

But a week ago, Chevy called angels in to help me. And I felt their energy surround me. Palpably. So I have lately begun to allow for the existence of angels

Chevy said to ask Archangel Gabriel for help. I knew nothing about this being. I asked for Her help. And then I saw a shining being of light dressed in long robes of gold and green. The light was blinding. I asked Her to help me, to free me. She illuminated the area around us.

Something greasy and black was lifted out of my gut and recycled(?): a pre-verbal nameless fear.

Tonight when I Reiki’d myself the energy was kicked up to an almost unbearable intensity. I find myself holding back, and cutting it off. But it is thrilling. An intense rush.

Tonight I read that Archangel Gabriel’s energy appears as gold and green light.

I knew that.

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