Do you realize we are honoring the Labor Movement? The American Labor Movement, the mother of all movements in this country. We honor with a National Holiday those brave activists who fought and many of whom died for a minimum wage, working hours, unions. I’d bet phony USDs a lot of people have no idea what this Holiday is about. So I found a link, which I append below. 
I want to celebrate this Labor Day by sharing a story with you.
A couple years ago, I was at a concert and overheard a young woman reciting how the system is rigged against her generation. Then she said there’s nothing we can do to change it. So, you know me … I butted in.
I blurted out, “Hey we’re still here. Call the rally and we will show up.”
“We can’t do that.”
“Why not? We did it in the 60’s. We’ll do it again.”
“But,” she said, “They might hurt us!”
“So?” I said. “They hurt us. Tell you what,” (I had a brainstorm right there at the Knitting Factory), we’ll go in front. I’d rather they hurt me than you anyway.”
Her face screwed up in this odd way. She turned back to the concert, which was a good idea after all. 
So for several years I lost my faith in young people. 
And in spite of everything, of all the pain we are in as a people, it fills me with pride to see them step up, for Bernie Sanders, for Black Lives Matter, and all the many courageous demonstrators on all the large and small front lines. Oh yeah, I’d still stand in front but my head would be held high.
Happy Labor Day. Never Forget!

2 thoughts on “Labor Day

  1. Does my generation have anything they can really die for, am not ssure many of us do.
    We settle for mediocrity, we complain about almost everything, yet fear has cripple our faith to stand for justice.
    We the young people must know like Lincoln will say except a woman/man find what he his willing to die for, that person is not fit to live.

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