Nursery Rhyme For Our Time

Humpty Trumpty built a GREAT wall. 

Climbed up on top to show he was TALL (BIGLY). 

Humpty sat down to write a new TWEET … 

The wall began trembling and soon he did FALL,

down on the MEXICAN side of the wall. 

That is all.

A Pressed Leaf

Make me a gift

Of the wrapping on

A neatly bound parcel of fear.

Teach me the posture 

Of acid composure 

The taste of an unshed tear.

Pull out the water!

Push out the air!

Leave only the innocence … bare

In a delicate lacework of memories, 

Confound, for a moment, the snare.

Save The Last Dance For Me

When Richard and the dog are both snoring it’s just me and iTunes, lonesome music in a crowded bed, thoughts of the future pester my brain and rob me of sleep. 

It’s dangerous to look ahead. 

I suppose it’s just my mind doing its best to prepare me for the almost certain future in which I will be, if not alone, without my best friend, whose fitful sleep and troubled dreams populate my nights.
The tapestry of our lives unravels and soon the picture will surely go. Where? Away.

I need no disturbance to keep my eyes open wide staring into the dark. I see the thing approaching. The writing’s on the wall. I don’t need a Daniel to decipher for me. 

My days are filled with it, as his brain declines and his world falls apart. It breaks my heart. 

Frantic days, I become an easy mark for the latest “alternative” remedy. All the money I’ve thrown at my hopeless hope! Daily he is less and less here.

In the snoring hours, I grieve. My sorrow tastes like lead, as heavy, as dead. I hate Alzheimer’s. And my fast-approaching empty bed.