The roses are coming along nicely. A Robin is looking around for a nest. I want her/him to nest where I can see them. I hope it’s not too late. I’ll put out some nesting material to entice her. I have no idea whether that is ignorant and lame or a good idea. Please weigh in my dear treasured wildlife biologists. Your input enriches my world.

Update: The. At Maggie is a bird killer. So far from enticing her I’m just hoping she nests where I can see her with binoculars.

One thought on “The Backyard Fence

  1. First of all how lucky you are seeing growing things. Our snow continues, icy streets, 5″ or more piled up. Now, nesting materials are good any time, sometimes the egg laying differs from bird species to different ones. I throw out dryer lint, hair combings, hang strips of yarn from bushes…etc. I say forge on and make a mama bird happy!!!

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