I got really off base with my Reiki practice this last year or two. I got the idea that I should heal Richard’s Alzheimer’s. Like that’s what I could do if I’m a real true Reiki Master. I fell into one of the traps I always warn my students about: I got personally invested in a desired outcome.

Directing energy specifically to produce any certain outcome isn’t Reiki. It’s energy healing. But you have to wonder if we are always and only meant to heal. In order not to interfere in a person’s life path, healing the ailment may not be an ethically defensible goal.

In Reiki we are trained to recognize our personal wishes for the outcome of a Reiki treatment, and then release them before we engage with our client.

The daunting task of curing Richard’s Alzheimer’s was weighing on me. It was also interfering with my ability to channel a strong energy flow. Upon releasing myself from this unfortunate lapse in practice, my energy flow rebounded.

Thanks to May Cotton for seeing the problem and pointing it out to me.

2 thoughts on “Reiki Reset

  1. So good to hear from you, your struggles to keep and heal Richard free from Alzheimers is brave, gallant and frustrating when results are slow. Even if he shows small progress or change Reiki is success. I pull out Richard’s book of poems often, they so feed the soul. Life here is challenging as usual. My mom is 96, my brother is taking care of her and it’s quite a job. Her dementia has taken the path of anger , the result of losing her independence. And so it goes, and so we go. My love to you two and your growing family, we had good times didn’t we?

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    1. Wow we sure did have good times. Richard and I have had a great marriage. It’s very hard watching him slip away. He hasn’t written anything in years. Boy I sure miss him. I’m sorry to hear your family is going through this Alzheimer’s nightmare. Damn Vicki it’s just the worst.

      Thanks for reading. Big hugs to you.


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