Your Secret’s Safe With Me

THIS IS A CHARACTER STUDY OF A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. In the story a Priest is having a hard time with celibacy. This piece illustrates his difficulty. His natural, healthy sexuality is being twisted into something unhealthy. But don’t give up on him. I’m not through with him yet.

Father Sully’s Dirty Secret

“Welcome to Your Secret’s Safe With Me, where anything goes ’cause nobody knows. Can you hold?”

He waited, not patiently but with a practiced and wholly undetectable impatience learned during long hours “under the yoke.” Silence is golden, he thought, glancing at his watch, at $ 9.99 a minute.

A recorded voice interrupted his calculations just as he was deciding to hang up. “Welcome to Your Secret’s Safe With Me, where anything goes ’cause nobody knows. Please listen to the following options and make your selection at any time.”

He folded his hands in his lap.

“Please note our charges do not commence until you make a selection; however regular phone charges accrue during all parts of your call. Please listen to all of the following options before making your selection”

“Option 1 is a recording of an award-winning five-minute session with your secret lover, Monique. All you have to do is sit back, listen and enjoy. To select this option, press “1” on your keypad at any time.”

He undid his belt and opened his waistband, but he didn’t unzip his fly. He continued to hold.

“Option 2 is our popular “on the go” session. Cut to the chase, as fan-favorite Hungry Hannah takes what she wants in record time. Two minutes. To select this option press 2 at any time.”

He unzipped his fly and reached inside.

“Option 3, our most-popular option is a full five-minute live session with our very own Oversexed Ophelia. She’s been looking forward to this all day, so don’t keep her waiting.” To select this option press 3 at any time.”

Anticipation was making him throb, but it wasn’t time yet. Not yet.

“Still holding? Well don’t give up, we have what you’re looking for. Option 4 is the first of our two dialogue options. Don’t just listen when you can interact with a real live woman, or man if that is your preference. Ever dream of having talk-sex with your partner but were afraid to try? Tell your fantasies to one of our real live women. To select this option press 4 at any time.

By now his erect penis was protruding from his pants. He was past the point of no return. His option was next.

“Option 5 is our final and favorite option of our fans. Just you and one of our real live women on a completely confidential open-ended call. Background music included. To select this option press 5 at any time.”

He pressed 5. A sensual instrumental was playing in the background, while an unmistakably young female voice purred, “Hello there big guy.”

“Just breathe,” he said.

“Just breathe,” the young female voice echoed back. It was a question.

“Yes, please, just breathe, while you pleasure yourself. Can you do that? Just breathe?”

“Sugar anyone can do that. But why not let me talk you through it? I know just what to say and I’ll say it in just the right way.”

“No thank you. Please. Just breathe.”

“Okay you’re the boss. I’m starting the timer now.”

(to be continued)