Those Glasses Rose Colored?

The Daily Dalai: “The creatures that inhabit this earth–be they human beings or animals–are here to contribute, each in its own particular way, to the beauty and prosperity of the world.”

Ha. Ha.

They just don’t know it. Nor do they act like it. It’s one big shameless display of self-interest.

I guess when the cows start thanking us for liking hamburgers, I’ll start considering that possibility, Tenzin.

And humanity contributes what exactly to the beauty and prosperity of the world?

Are you amazed? You ought to be!

“Let us try to recognize the precious nature of each day.” — The Dalai Lama, The Daily Dalai.

I am brought to tears by the occasional glimpse of the miracle of life. These too-brief too-infrequent awakenings spark my heart. It beats faster for a moment. Then it overwhelms me and my heart suddenly breaks, as if what’s underscored is the loss of awareness that is normal waking consciousness.

So casual, so separate, so different. We like the cocoon. Familiar, cozy, safe. Keep the love, that dangerous emotion, in its place. It’s okay, it really is. But it’s such a waste. Sloth is a deadly inclination.

“Without love, where would we be now?” Let’s not even go there.

With love? Where could we be now?