Anybody Know?

When you’re concerned about Pain Management, I assume you have suffered some kind of damage that requires attention. What my doctors have typically done as PM for me was to give me narcotics and send me to physical therapy.

Physical Therapy is a good and pleasant thing but it doesn’t take away the reality of my calcifying spine, so it offers me only temporary relief. Narcotics did really help. However my tolerance was getting way too high. I just went through an unpleasant detox to get off of them. But that was it: drugs and physical therapy.

Only when those measures became ineffective did they look closely into the problem. in 2013 looking closely means they get the MRI. And then they act surprised to find a longterm problem that could have been fixed long ago. How much pain do I have to endure before you people will take a look and see what’s going on?

Doctors to druggists this is the insurance companies, denying us good treatment by limiting our doctors options.

Or, I have shitty doctors. This is highly possible. They have all missed the boat one way or another:

– Moise dismissed my scar tissue pain, which Dr. Soto fixed handily with trigger point injections. – Sealy put me on the pain patch.

Bunch of bozos.

Okay so maybe I have the worst medical team on the planet. Hell I don’t know. What would happen in, say France? I wonder. Anybody know?