What would you ask?

Ever think about what you would ask if you could ask just one question of “God,” your higher power, your spirit guides, an angel or even your own immortal soul? The main thing to remember is there wouldn’t be any question too difficult to ask. You’d be certain to get a definitive answer. You would surely be told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. If you knew that, and you were asking your God, or another higher intelligence what would you ask?

I often think how great it would be to have access to the answers to the so-called unanswerable questions, like why are we here? What is the purpose of our lives? What is most important? And, if I was feeling brave, how am I doing?

But then, when I trick myself into actually believing in the prospect of being in such a position, I find I lose my nerve. I do. As hard as it might be to imagine me silent, it’s true. Faced with the ultimate Answer Man, given access to the giver of the Final Word, I find I stand before them mute. I can’t decide what question I ought to ask! I mean, I only get one.

What should I ask? What would you ask if it was you?

My commitment

I am committed to expand consciousness, decrease suffering and raise the  vibration of our species insofar as i am able. In other words I’m a damned do-gooder who thinks we should all take care of each other.

This purpose is clearly beyond my personal ability to cause, on the scale needed to shift our thinking and alter the source of our actions from our animal nature to our spiritual nature.

Failing this evolutionary shift, we will soon face extinction along with the rest of the animal kingdom on this planet.

Connecting with the All: Part 1

Namaste. This means the All in me greets the All in you. Its very useful to remind ourselves we are all connected, none superior and none inferior in the All of which we are a part. Lets talk about connecting with the zAll.

When you connect your consciousness with the consciousness of the All, the feeling of recognition and affinity is palpable, and the access to an unlimited source of inspiration and power is seductive. One could desire to retreat from the default world altogether, and simply enjoy the harmony and peace to the exclusion, as much as possible, of the default world. But the “permanent vacation” is what follows life. It doesn’t do as a replacement.

There is much here in the chaos of life that demands our attention. Indeed, requires our compassion. Mandates we engage with all of our exceptional capacities in not only resolving the causes as we are able, but also in reducing the attendant suffering and/or supporting healing of spirit and body of all living beings that suffer, for whatever reason.

All life is sentient. That is the least of it. This much should be obvious. Yet many many people fail to experience this. How can this be? They have the physical and mental equipment necessary. Yet they dump unwanted kittens into a potato sack and drop them in a lake, and walk away as if nothing much happened, and aren’t they good for getting rid of those unwanted kittens?

Indifference kills. I do not doubt indifference is a greater contributor to violence and unmitigated suffering than all the anger that ever was all together. Indifference, like boredom, is not a natural or healthy state.

For the rest of this day, a good practice would be to notice your own responses. What does your indifference show you? Use that.

Life requires my attention. To be continued.