I have no God.

I do have a Creator. The distinction is significant. I doubt my creator cares for worship, fearful submission or doling out rewards and punishments. These are, I believe, remnants of
the past.

I believe I (and everyone else) am like my Creator in being, myself a Creator, on a much smaller scale, which is of course heresy. I have always been a heretic. But my beliefs aren’t meant to be heresy, that is just what the established religions call them. So pretty much I stay away from institutions of religion, because they do presume to tell me what I should believe, and had better believe or at least profess to believe. At 13 I left the Roman Catholic Church, wherein I had been thoroughly indoctrinated, and struck out with my own small brain and big eyes to find my own way, which I have done, becoming a Reiki Master energy healer and something akin to a shaman, traveling out of my body, communing with spirits, visiting the “other side” and much more. And the more I learn the further I get from the Holy Roman Church. Say Amen.

It’s amazing to me that anyone still goes to these spired halls and participates in what passes therein for spirituality.

The Dalai Lama finds no fault with any of them. I guess I am less evolved than His Holiness, in case you wondered about that. I’m not a dilettante by nature, and I’ve long ago stopped looking for the church where I wouldn’t be a heretic. However my basic life path is primarily spiritual. So I speak about such things, with no authority at all. Read on at your own risk.

Lately, I am struck by how few people notice their words and actions create their (and our) world. Even their most casual meandering thoughts, as well as their most fixated hatred and their most seductive dreams of revenge … why stop there? … let’s not forget their maddest ravings, most hideous debaucheries, their most evil actions. All that. The dark side of a primitive brooding from which we have yet to awaken.

All sent forth upon an undefended sleepy world of flora and fauna, rock and sand, sea and land. The whole of creation bears the brunt of it. I wish I was more of an optimist.

Don’t think we are creators of worlds?

When we adopt a stray from the animal shelter, we create a home for it. It is no longer lost. It is home. We create it. Wouldn’t you agree?

Is it a good home or the type we see on “pet Detectives”? Depends what we create.

My point is that the world is like an art studio where we create. Most of us just dabble. Ah! But some achieve greatness. Make your own list. It will be different than mine.

What if we are here to learn to use our creative powers? It sure looks that way to me. Meanwhile most of us don’t think we are creators. Most experience life as a rapid bombardment, if not with actual bombs then certainly with non-stop incoming issues of one kind or another. I have no time to be creative, many complain, myself included. I’m too busy COPING to be creative. Well that’s a popular deception. Do we have all the time in the world or not a minute to waste? That’s a good topic for meditation.

Either way, if you look I think you will begin to see that every move you make has not only the potential to change the world in big and small ways, it DOES change the world in big and small ways.

I think it would be really amazing if people were aware. What would you do with full knowledge that your every thought and action has far-reaching consequences? Now that’s what I call food for thought.

8 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. I am so delighted that you call yourself a heretic! No wonder I enjoy your blog so much. Keep questioning and coming up with your wonderful observations – I find you to be brilliant!!


    1. Thanks, Cheri! Sharing my own spiritual journey is part of my “ministry” (hate to use that word, but I don’t know a better word. I trust it’s helpful to others.

      Mainly I strive for rigorous spiritual honesty. Knowing how impossibly subjective all assertions are, I try to find openings.


  2. My foundation is in the Roman Catholic Church. I consider it a springboard to my journey here. I found comfort there in my youth. While I do not consider myself a practicing Catholic, I do consider myself Christian. I do not subscribe to any organized religion (and do not even like the word religion). I believe my church is in me. It is a personal journey. I must admit that I still find comfort in my roots (the Catholic Church). I believe we can find comfort and spirituality almost anywhere. We are all spirits here; hence the quest for spirituality. I send you peace, Ro!


      1. yes you do, I do not use my real name on any online forums. I prefer to remain incognito. my initials (JP) will enlighten you! (smile!)


    1. JP, Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I was raised Catholic and I have to say the visuals, sounds and ambience still holds a touch of magic for me.

      Many years ago when I visited my grandparents at their new home in Florida, the first stop on my tour was the church. Gramma wanted me to see the stained glass windows and the stations of the cross. We lit candles and prayed together briefly.

      And more recently in Melbourne we happened to catch vespers at Australia’s oldest cathedral. Hearing the music and chanting I wept, a happy weep, but utterly under the spellbound. Richard slipped away, embarrassed. Well what would he know, being raised a Southern Baptist, suspicious to say the least, of ceremony.

      Personally, I can’t resist churches, and especially old ones.



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