I’m not white. I’m quitting that and I’m no longer enrolled in the lies. There is only one race: human. There are shades across a wide swath of possible skin tones. My skin is pale. I’m a pale-skinned human. I am not white. It’s easy enough to see. Some unnamed shade of human skin, low on pigment and kind of unhealthy looking when I haven’t gotten enough sun. Kind of ecru with blotchy areas, sometimes I think it’s a very very pale pink. 
Expect me to jump you when you use these categories. They are part of America’s systemic racism.
I will no longer subscribe or even tolerate these false and destructive constructs. 
Pity Richard. He gets it the most. But he says he loves me intensely (his word). I am trying to contain any gratuitous complaining to an absolute maximum of two minutes. It’s hard for me to resist pointing it out, but there probably is little hope he’ll remember. 
His Alzheimer’s is not getting worse. He is better than he was the first few months after his flare up when he fell 15 months ago now. I’m trying everything that has promise. The FDA came back “inconclusive ” on the benefits of Turmeric. Doesn’t that just prove it does help. They don’t want food to be curative. It’s bad for business. 
Eat lots of curry.

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